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EmberSec Blog- Is Live

The team here are EmberSec is excited to share that our official website is now live – Because our driving principle as an advanced cybersecurity technical services and managed solutions provider is to create partnerships that improve overall security for everyone, it was important for us to make the website informative and approachable. To do this we focused on communicating with current and perspective clients in an easily digestible manner, and intend to provide accurate, up-to-date, and meaningful information and resources as we continue to grow our organization and its capabilities.

A Quick Tour of

Homepage: Our homepage provides an introduction to our brand, and visitors will find brief overviews of our technical services, managed defense and response, and risk and compliance support offerings, a word from our CTO, Ken Jenkins, and links pointing you to other helpful information on the EmberSec story, team bios, a Contact Us form, and more.

Services & About Us:

To help you to get to know EmberSec – the team and our services and solutions – we’ve launched the new website with landing pages on our Services and our Story. The ‘Services’ page outlines the full spectrum of solutions offered by EmberSec, and how we can support the cybersecurity efforts of your enterprise. The ‘About’ page gives you some background on our roots as a company, a message on why we’re passionate about what we do, and bios on the team members.  

Social Media: The new website also makes integrated social media icons available to visitors interested in finding EmberSec on LinkedIn or Twitter. We look forward to connecting with current and perspective clients on these social platforms, too, to foster improved communication, deliver real-time updates, share relevant news, and further highlight the hard work and accomplishments of our team, our clients and partners, and the cybersecurity community at-large. 

This launch is the culmination of hard work and collaboration from the entire team, all of whom gave their time, energy and experience to ensure consistency of the brand, deliver a clear message, and create a simple, streamlined, user-friendly experience for our visitors.  

Visit us at, and be on the lookout for several exciting updates and additions planned to roll out over the coming weeks. We hope you’ll find the knowledge and expertise made available on our website is useful and relevant, and look forward to hearing from you regarding new content ideas, features and other improvements that enhance your experience.

Other ways to engage with EmberSec:

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à Twitter- @ember_sec