Imerzi™: Cybersecurity Training

By Light’s Cyber division is shaping the cybersecurity workforce of the future.

By Light recognizes that cyberspace has become an operational domain in which competition and conflict occur. We offer advanced solutions to heighten workforce productivity; secure and defend industrial control systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices; research, develop, test, and evaluate new technologies; and conduct full spectrum cyberspace operations. Our training capabilities include a fully virtual environment that scales from individual coursework and labs for skill progression to a global Internet capable of supporting the largest military exercises. Today, we provide our proprietary technologies and support services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, other government and commercial customers, and universities. We reinforce our customers with onsite experts to deliver operational support, technical and managed cybersecurity services, and training.

By Light brings together a diverse set of operational and technical experts, including former red and blue teamers, cyber mission force operators, cyber intelligence analysts, cyberspace operation planners, and cloud platform experts. We combine their talents with military instructors, high school teachers, and college professors. Our goal is to assess you for a work role suited to your talents, create a learning experience that develops you for today’s workforce, and immerse you in a training environment that reflects the cyberspace domain.

The result of these efforts is Imerzi, the top-choice in immersive cybersecurity training designed for all proficiency levels. Imerzi is focused on YOU.


The Cyber Aptitude Typology Indicator (CATI) assessment was created with two objectives in mind:

  1. Support new and different populations with actionable metrics that help ease their path towards a successful career in cybersecurity, and
  2. Reinforce the building and composition of established cybersecurity teams.

By Light has applied aptitude theories and personality assessments to globally recognized frameworks in the NIST Framework and NICE Cybersecurity Framework to develop the CATI assessment. CATI evaluates each individual’s unique personality characteristics, intrinsic learning preferences, and skillsets to provide actionable metrics that determine their most compatible work role and career path in cyber.



Our Imerzi Knowledge Center is driven by an adaptive engine built to meet learners wherever they are along the proficiency spectrum of cybersecurity, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve. Imerzi aligns content and coursework with the specific skills you need to succeed in your current role and in future positions and careers you may want to pursue.



Imerzi Cyber Range.os is a fully customizable, scenario-based, and hands-on-keyboard practical application to support individual work roles and group education, training, and exercises to meet your learning objectives.

It is both on-prem or remotely hosted, uses a Linux kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) hypervisor, has Layer 2 accessibility and extensibility to any Internet Protocol-based system, and offers a high-fidelity grey space as well as a customizable learning management system (LMS). We have eliminated the need for costly VMware licenses and built our cyber ranges for customer ease to add in other ranges or systems.

Our cyber training and exercise content is provided in a Moodle instance to allow modification and import and export of other content.


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