Enterprise Software for Amazon Web Services Snow Devices: Snowball & Snowcone

By Light partnered with QES to provide support services as well as cleared and technically astute professionals for large scale projects. Our capabilities augment QES’ team in service of customers throughout Department of Defense, Intelligence, National Security, Law Enforcement, and Federal, State, and Local Governments. 

SBManager’s enterprise software provides a graphical user interface expanding the scalability, automation, and user-friendliness of these devices at the edge. Automated startup and clone/copy capabilities among the available services reduces labor-intensive startup and configuration requirements.  A user-friendly interface makes it possible for users to easily access and manage one or thousands of Snow devices without the need to deploy advanced IT professionals in the field.

The open architecture management framework simplifies application integration and powers clustering for added advanced compute capabilities at the edge. Manage your Snowball devices individually or in bulk with single click commands. SBManager can work disconnected from the Internet. If you can ping a Snow device, you can remote manage that Snow device. SBManager is highly adaptable to meet a wide range of client domains such as Energy, Telecommunications, Global Non-Profit, and Government/Defense.

SBManager offers a fully featured backup and data transfer storage management interface. AWS experts strive to provide exceptional storage and compute scale and usability at the edge or across the enterprise and are available for consulting or long-term professional service engagements.

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