Federal Healthcare

By Light brings proven best commercial practices and new technologies to improve performance and business processes across the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD) enterprises.

With extensive, direct VA experience, we are dedicated to providing a solution to the VA and DoD who seek an integrative approach to collecting, securing, and tracking the health and well-being of our armed forces from active service to retired veterans status. We aim to design and execute improved architectures that will ensure electronic health record compatibility across Agencies, as well as with private sector healthcare providers, resulting in improved service to our nation‘s armed forces, veterans, and their families.

Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology (T4)
As a prime awardee of the VA T4 multiple IDIQ contract, By Light combines an intimate understanding of our customer’s missions with expert technical experience to meet Secretary Shinseki’s 16 initiatives and improve access to benefits for veterans and warfighters worldwide.

Our T4 team leverages SDVOSB’s, VOSB’s, WOSB’s, medium and large businesses to develop an integrated approach to improving the access to healthcare and benefits for all veterans and their families.

T4 Team By Light Core Capabilities:

  • Program Management, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Planning Support
    By Light has a proven, holistic approach to project and program management, which will enable our customers to achieve strategic goals and meet their mission requirements. This includes requirements analysis, developing strategy, and enterprise architecture planning. The analysis and requirements documentation produced will enable vendors to produce focused responses to the RFP requirements.
  • Sytems/Software Engineering
    By Light’s approach to systems/software engineering will be guided by the values and principles of Agile software development. Our approach will incorporate the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) as a process model and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework as a modeling framework. This hybrid approach to will ensure projects are executed with the engineering rigor necessary to ensure high technical quality in both the process and the product with the transparency, responsiveness, and flexibility necessary to meet business goals for the project. This approach is consistent with By Light’s collective experience that it is possible to blend Agile and perspective software processes to comply with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 or higher while continuing to adhere to the values and principles of Agile software development, which are:

    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    • Working software over comprehensive documentation
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Responding to change over following a plan
  • IV&V
    By Light uses a six step methodology for IV&V that includes:

1)  plan development
2) review of requirements
3) test plan development
4) program certification
5) analysis/assessment, and
6) maintain IV&V status.

This risk-based methodology conforms to DoD, Army and Industry Best Practices, relevant international standards, and regulations/guidelines from Federal, DoD and Army agencies. The Methodology also provides a uniform framework highlighted by efforts in support of various Federal and DoD customers such as the VA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), DoD Business Enterprise Information Services (BEIS) Family of Systems (FOS), DISA Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), Army, and DISA Multinational Information Management System. The output of the methodology includes an IV&V Documentation Package providing objective evidence that all requirements have been implemented correctly and completely. This includes evidence the system produces the intended results and that all functionality is traceable to system requirements. The methodology is driven by a management process, which ensures each of the six steps in the Methodology is followed correctly, completely, on-schedule, and within budget.

  • Enterprise Network
    By Light has significant expertise developing enterprise networks optimizing connectivity between the data center and existing computer rooms. Networks developed provide the right-size bandwidth, based on the requirements of enterprise applications/services, and path diversity, ensuring the computer room maintains connectivity in the event of a circuit failure or cable cut. The By Light Team will conduct surveys to provide an as-is architecture diagram for each facility. The team will use the FDCCI Assessment template to complete the survey, which includes determining the number of network providers, the WAN connectivity, peak bandwidth usage, and average bandwidth utilization. In addition to completing the FDCCI assessment, the survey team will trace connections from the network provider demarcation point to the network elements in the computer room and the user workstation distribution switch. The as-is architecture diagram will detail every connection within the computer room from the outside plant connection down to the user workstation. The outside plant portion of the diagram will show each network provider servicing the location with the circuit identifier and size of the trunk. The team will also develop an as-is WAN connectivity map.  This map will allow the team to determine changes to WAN connectivity needed to optimize bandwidth between the computer room and the consolidated data center facility.
  • Security
    A comprehensive enterprise-wide approach to security is essential to ensure the integrity of IT infrastructure and its associated security vulnerabilities. An enterprise solution can provide significant efficiencies and cost savings while adding capability to secure information wherever it resides at every point in the lifecycle. By Light delivers both network-centric and information-centric protection. We empower our customers to leverage their critical information assets fully and accelerate their missions with confidence. Our security solution will protect information at rest, in use, and when it is outside the immediate control of the enterprise. Employment of the By Light strategy will:

    • Protect sensitive data in any location
    • Enable secure access to the information infrastructure
    • Provide secure transactions
    • Allow the VA to detect security anomalies and potential threats
    • Validate compliance with applicable security policies and regulation

By Light understands the threat of cyber attacks and the need for security throughout the network design. For this reason, security is designed into the entire infrastructure, rather than added on after the fact. The design will include network protection security tools providing denial of service protection at the edge, firewalls to control access to the network and tightly controlled monitoring of data passing on the network, Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to protect internal communications, and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to prevent attacks. Complete scans will ensure enterprise compliance with all Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA) through monthly Retina scans. Any issues identified through the scans will be handled expeditiously to ensure the security posture of the network is not compromised. However, automated tools can only do so much and qualified security analysts must also correctly interpret the results obtained from the automated risk analysis tools and determine the significance of the findings. This strategy will protect sensitive data, enable secure access to the information, provide secure transactions, allow the customer to detect security anomalies and identify potential threats, and validate compliance with applicable security policies and regulations.

  • Operations and Maintenance
    By Light provides administrative support for hardware, operating systems, software installations, and the network. This support can include warranty maintenance support on each component included in the solution as well as operational support for the data center or IT Facility. This administration will include monitoring systems using a range of tools to track network management, performance management, security management, configuration management, and fault management. By Light can monitor the network to track bandwidth utilization, latency, packet loss, availability, and frame errors. Our network management team will facilitate bandwidth increase requests as needed to provide sufficient bandwidth for the enterprise applications and services provided to each computer room. Our performance management team will review throughput, percentage utilization, error rates and response times to ensure the data center maintains optimal efficiency. Our Security management team will address information protection awareness, security test and evaluations, and vulnerability analysis and testing, as well as audit preparation. By Light’s configuration management team will provide code level support, configuration, upgrades, and patching as required, using the change and release management process. Our teams will also ensure the certification and accreditation documentation is accurate and monitored to prevent a loss of service due to expiration of the accreditation.
  • Training
    By Light develops training plans ensure the end user community receives focused and individualized attention to ensure that roles and responsibilities are assigned and understood, troubleshooting procedures are properly documented, and user support and help desk processes are published. As part of this process, our team develops user guides, operation manuals, and training plans aimed at ensuring users can not only perform transactions and updates, but also understand the purpose and benefits of implementing modernized systems incorporating best business practices and processes.
  • Information Technology (IT) Facilities
    By Light has comprehensive experience in all activities related to the installation, test, and turn-up of IT system designs. Initial activities include site surveys of the proposed IT Facility  locations and each local computer room. By Light develops a detailed site survey template using the standard By Light processes merged with the FDCCI survey assessment form. Each survey team will complete this detailed survey template as well as detailed drawings depicting the layout of each computer room/data center, and relevant rack elevations. After the design is complete, By Light will assemble installation teams to perform work at the IT Facility and each computer room; these installation teams will consist of experienced technicians, software engineers, hardware engineers, and network engineers. The installation technicians employed by By Light are all BICSI, ANSI, and EIA certified and will obtain all certifications related to installation and configuration of each network element. The installation activities will include installation of network elements, racks, and cable management systems as well as  the configuration and testing phases of the implementation.

Team By Light Approach:

Our approach to achieve a single integrated Electronic Health Record for the Department of Defense, Military Health System (MHS), and VA focuses extensively on governance, security, privacy, and interoperability task areas. By Light’s approach to the interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR) yields the following benefits:

  • Risk Reduction – Control dependencies, manage the impact of change, enforce policies.
  • Business Value – Ensure SOA investments yield business value.
  • Cost Savings – Promote consolidation, standardization, and reuse.
  • Alignment – Keep SOA aligned with the business and architecture and in compliance with business and IT policies.
  • Business Agility – Rapidly assemble service components to gain visibility for better decision making.

Let us light the path. For more information on By Light’s Federal Healthcare experience, email us at  t4pursue@bylight.com.