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Our roots as a mission-focused and people-enabled provider to DISA started in 2002 as a subcontractor supporting the Global Information Grid Bandwidth Expansion (GIG-BE) contract and evolving through $437M in awarded task orders on the DISA GIG Services Management-Engineering, Transition, and Implementation (GSM-ETI) small-business set-aside award.

We are a prime integrator of IT solutions for DISA and possess unmatched hands-on experience of Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), Department Of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN), architecture, and mission partners. Our support within DISA and Joint Force Headquarters-DoDIN (JFHQ-DoDIN) spans multiple directorates.


  • DISN Dark Fiber Links 38, 39, 40 (IE1): By Light has performed as a prime and subcontractor on more than 9,000 miles of DISN 100G upgrades at over 110 Service Delivery Nodes (SDNs) and 130 amplifier sites in the CONUS and Europe.
  • DISN Tech Refresh Turnkey Project Support (IE1): Our turnkey solution offers project management, engineering, site surveys, logistics support, implementation, test/turn-up, de-installation, configuration management, and transition for SIPRNet access migration, timing and synchronization, and next generation optical upgrade projects.
  • DISN Consolidated Project Support (IE4): Installation, configuration, upgrade, relocation, and removal of network hardware devices and supporting equipment, and the activation, transition, and decommissioning of network circuits as required to fulfill DISN customer requirements. Additionally, this task order provides services necessary to implement, maintain, design, and augment the DISA security posture through the implementation of DISN-based Joint Regional Security Stack as provided by the Government. Other notable project support includes Air Force & Navy Last Half Mile
  • DISN Secure Systems Engineering and Evolution Support (IE5): Engineering, testing and technical support for the current and evolving DISN architecture, including optical transport, software defined networking, timing and synchronization, IP infrastructure, satellite communications, and cryptographic systems expertise.

Software Development, Cyber Support & Emerging Technology Support

  • Global Video Services (GVS) (SD3)/CIO (SE6): DISN software development, accreditation, implementation, and Tier III support experience at enterprise scale with GVS for DISA/SD3. Also includes DISA Headquarters Audio-Visual Information and Video Teleconference Support Services
  • CyberNetOps (ID6): Lifecycle services to architect, engineer, develop, integrate, secure, test, deploy, operationalize, sustain, document, patch, monitor, optimize, and evolve CyberNetOps capabilities, including Defensive Cyber Operations for DISN operational support systems. Responsible for all environments used for development, pre-production, and production.
  • Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) (ID4): By Light’s JRSS team has successfully engineered, integrated, tested, and implemented the JRSS 1.5 stacks and request for changes (RFCs) and completely overhauled virtually all existing JRSS 1.0 baseline installations, processes, and site implementations.
  • Cloud Based Internet Isolation (CBII) OTA (Emerging Technologies): By Light’s CBII is a DISA cybersecurity program designed to protect the DODIN by transferring non-secure internet browsing sessions from traditional desktop browsers to a secure, isolated cloud platform.  Users interact with internet sites through replicas of webpages hosted in a secure cloud, effectively stripping browsers of potentially malicious content that could accidentally be executed onto DODIN endpoints.

JFHQ-DoDIN Support: Securing, Operating & Defending

We have extensive knowledge of doctrinal joint norms, such as operational concepts and C2 headquarters operations. Within JFHQ-DODIN, we provide support across the Directorates, including:

  • J0: Strategic communications, knowledge management, and business process improvement
  • J2: Analysis and production, intelligence support to current operations and DODIN operational assessments, and intelligence support to planning
  • J3: Operations center, incident management, future operations planning, DODIN assessments, vulnerability management, and cyber fusion analysis
  • J5: Future plan development and assessment
  • J8: Capability analysis and gap analysis and documentation

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