AFCEA TechNet Augusta

August 16-18, 2022 • Augusta, GA
By Light, CyberCENTS, CESI
Booth #314

TechNet Augusta 2022 gives participants the opportunity to examine and explore the intricacies of the cyber domain. With assistance from the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and industry experts, the conference is designed to open the lines of communication and facilitate networking, education and problem solving. Leaders and operators also discuss procurement challenges the military, government and industry face during a time of uncertain budgets and runaway technology advances.

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Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) Tech Expo

September 2022 • Fort Bragg, NC
By Light
Booth #15

Dedicated to current and former members of the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations, Airborne), the Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) is a nonprofit, private organization created to honor the history and legacy of the 112th Signal Battalion.

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Deployable Communications Technology Forum

September 26-29, 2022 • Dublin, Ireland
By Light

The Deployable Communications Technology Forum is a unique educational symposium created to facilitate the direct collaboration and innovation between government and industry at all levels to develop solutions that directly impact mission success. It provides the attendees with the opportunity to gain benefits from the thought leadership sessions from distinguished speakers, networking between government and industry, direct collaboration between end users and industry leading engineers, experts in military tactical communications deployments, etc.

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October 24-25, 2022 • Tucson, AZ


November 14-17, 2022 • San Antonio, TX
By Light, CyberCENTS, CESI
Booth #94

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November 28 – December 2, 2022 • Orlando,FL
CESI, By Light, CyberCENTS
Booth #1049

The Training, Simulation and Modeling Industry has a very important job to do in providing the very best of Training Equipment and Simulation Technologies for our forces in the field as well as here at home. I/ITSEC strives to meet these very important and ever changing needs.

The attendees that are present at I/ITSEC understand that training is a core process in a successful and modern business. In these successful organizations, training is continuous, pervasive, and institutionalized. These organizations come to I/ITSEC to find the resources that they will need to adapt to the new tasks and threats of tomorrow.

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