October 24-25, 2022 • Tucson, AZ
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Since 1999, AATC has hosted the ARC WEPTAC each October in Tucson, Arizona with the primary objective of identifying critical capability shortfalls for ARC weapons systems, missions, and training priorities. Representatives from both the ANG and AFRC field units work through mission weapon system (MWS) working groups to partake in cross-functional discussions with shared mission units and supporting staffs.They are informed by mission area working groups (MAWG) comprised of MWSs that share common mission areas that have met prior to the conference. The working group chairs then have a unique opportunity to outbrief their key findings directly to ARC leadership.

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November 14-17, 2022 • San Antonio, TX
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The Alamo ACE is an annual event with a national draw supporting the military community. We expect 2800+ attendees at the 2022 AACE. We’ll open with our traditional golf tournament on Monday, November 14 supporting our Wounded Warrior and Military Families Endowment Fund. The ACE program will consist of two full days of expert panels and esteemed keynote speakers and panels focused on IW, ISR and human capital, followed by a full day of acquisition and classified mission updates.

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November 28 – December 2, 2022 • Orlando,FL
CESI, By Light, CyberCENTS
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The Training, Simulation and Modeling Industry has a very important job to do in providing the very best of Training Equipment and Simulation Technologies for our forces in the field as well as here at home. I/ITSEC strives to meet these very important and ever changing needs.

The attendees that are present at I/ITSEC understand that training is a core process in a successful and modern business. In these successful organizations, training is continuous, pervasive, and institutionalized. These organizations come to I/ITSEC to find the resources that they will need to adapt to the new tasks and threats of tomorrow.

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Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) Tech Expo

March 27-30, 2023 • Fort Bragg, NC
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Dedicated to current and former members of the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations, Airborne), the Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) is a nonprofit, private organization created to honor the history and legacy of the 112th Signal Battalion.

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