Cyber Training Solution (CTS)

Extending the Dynamics of Cyber Mission Force Training

The most successful training programs extend the dynamics of adult learning by putting the learner and the real environment together. The By Light – Infosec Virtual Cyber Training Solution (CTS) provides federal agencies with a scalable, customizable, virtual cyber battlefield for training their cyber mission forces with emphasis on operational context and utilizing the tools and processes that emulate existing systems and scenarios.

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Reduce your costs associated with training
CTS is a cost effective way to maintain readiness across your cyber mission forces. No need to build training programs, no need to travel, no need to acquire systems and equipment. CTS is cloud based and agile. We maintain our virtual environment so you don’t have to build one. As systems change and new threats appear we rapidly integrate those changes and threats into our virtual labs.

  • Cloud based
  • Emulates existing environments
  • Maintains relevancy in an ever-changing environment

Achieve Cyberspace Force Readiness
CTS enables you to achieve and verify ready cyber mission force based on the Joint Cyberspace Training & Certification Standards (JCT&CS) and NIST Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.   Protect, project, enable, and defend your critical capabilities and mission systems that are provided or enabled in and through cyberspace.

Overcome Learning Roadblocks
Organizations are faced with learning roadblocks caused by static environments, which lack the technical expertise for creating real scenarios. The By Light – Infosec Cyber Training Solution helps organizations overcome traditional learning roadblocks through our 3T methodology, empathizing Teach, Train, and Test.

Provides learners with operational context through real situations. Teach Me is a blended delivery method of classrooms, videos, and discussions with SMEs.
A focused virtual platform with scenarios on the operational needs as they exist on the cyber battlefield. Train Me uses labs in real environments and builds practical and usable skills.
Challenge labs and testing that reinforce the learning, and yield actionable data for management analysis. By Light’s Test Me phase helps managers manage learning.