802.11 Wireless Security and Wireless Intrusion Protection

By Light offers accredited, secure wireless network solutions for DoD and Federal Agencies that create flexibility, mobility and scalability.  We build these networks with security at the forefront of the design process and focus equally on the security of the infrastructure, the interconnect point with the wired network and the security of the end user devices.  We have FIPS certified solutions for scanners, tablets, laptops and virtually any other end user device.

Our engineers design the network to ensure:

  • Identity-based security follows users as they move across the LAN, WAN and Internet
  • Central management is easy to configure, monitor and troubleshoot
  • Application-awareness is optimized for converged data, voice and video over wireless
  • Flexible and scalable network enables overlays to avoid upgrades and network redesigns

We assess and ensure your network meets the relevant standards including:

  • Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11n
  • WFA 802.11a
  • WFA 802.11 b/g
  • WFA WME Certification for QoS
  • Centralized user encryption supporting 802.11i / WPA2 / xSec
  • FIPS-compliant AES-128 / AES-256 CCMP; AES-GCM, SSH, SSL for management
  • 802.1x including CAC card support
  • IPSEC support including site-to-site and user VPN

We can also ensure your network meets your agency’s respective requirements, validating to standards/guidance such as:

  • DoD Directive 8100.2 Compliant
  • DoD Directives 8500.1 Compliant
  • DoD Directives 8420.1 Compliant
  • TAA CompliantUC-APL Certified
  • DDR1494 JF12 Equipment Radio Frequency Allocation Guidance
  • JITC/TIC Acceptance/Approval