Network Security

Network Security/Information Assurance can only truly be accomplished with Defense-in-Depth. To begin, By Light performs a thorough assessment of the enterprise to ensure all the necessary layers are present and that each is performing correct and further, working well together to provide the necessary levels of security while still allowing the enterprise to run smoothly.

Our assessment begins with an IA Architecture review consisting of:

  • An Asset Inventory of the systems and related risks and threats from within and outside the network.
  • A review of the communications requirements, mandated and desired controls and asset risks.
  • A technical review of the architecture to determine how well the network is meeting your needs.

This review produces a comprehensive analysis complete with documentation of the as-is and recommendations, migration plans and documentation to support the to-be approach.

Once the desired architecture is established, By Light can supply the tools, people, standard processes, and hardware/software to achieve the vision.