By Light is prepared to provide the right people for the job.  If you need specialists for vulnerability testing, our engineers show up with the tools to do the job.  Need Level 1. II or III IA help desk support, bring our HBSS and ArcSight certified staff in to help.  Modernizing your agency’s encryptor fleet?  We’ve done it on both large and small scales.  Whatever your IA staffing needs, By Light has supported numerous Government customers through every facet of IA process.

Our staffing solutions deliver:

  • CISSP/CCSP certified IA professionals with experience in C&A, vulnerability testing, Federal and DoD compliance and best practices for IA assessment and validation
  • Cleared personnel
  • Worldwide deployable personnel including short and long term deployments in SWA
  • 802.11 and Suite B knowledgeable staff to ensure your network is up to date with the latest emerging standards
  • Vendor certified encryptor specialists with decades of experience deploying and modernizing encryptor architectures and simplifying large encryptor cloud management