Characterization and Testing

The network is only as good as the fiber it runs on.  Not all cable will support speeds up to OC-192 and beyond. To support these speeds, your fiber-optic network must provide minimal optical signal distortion, loss or corruption. At the same time, you need to complete your deployment on time and meet your commitments to customers. By Light specializes in exhaustive network surveys and fiber characterization from the line fibers to the Fiber Distribution Panel. We provide a comprehensive report covering all aspects of your fiber network, highlighting issues and recommending remedial action that will ensure the fiber delivers with a minimum of re-work.

While our test plans are tailored to the unique needs of each customer, at a minimum, each characterization effort includes:

  • Fiber Continuity Testing to ensure a light path exists between two points and to determine link loss between those two points
  • Fiber Characterization Testing locates problems and potential problems in a span
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion Testing isolates physical problems, such as mechanical stress, vibrations, installation twist and torsion, bend radiuses and aggressive temperature deviations that affect the decomposition of the fiber-optic cable
  • Chromatic Dispersion Testing determines the fiber can meet speed and wavelength density requirements

By Light has its own in-house fleet of the latest test equipment.  Each set is calibrated to factory standards in accordance with our ISO9001:20008 calibration policy. Don’t pay to have someone rent test equipment for your network.