Deployment Services

Managing the logistics, personnel and schedule of even a moderately-sized metropolitan roll-out is a considerable challenge.  Implementations in hostile or austere areas or over a wide geographic area introduce even more complexity.  By Light has successfully completed multiple, simultaneous rollouts in the US, the Pacific Rim and Europe. With strategically placed and secure warehouses and staging centers and long-standing relationships with heavy equipment and vehicle fleet providers, we can augment or sole-perform on even the largest of roll-outs.

Our deployment services specialize in:

  • Secure staging, storage and pre-configuration of optical equipment and supporting infrastructure
  • Over the Road, Freight Forwarding and local delivery of equipment to facilities around the world
  • Personnel with broad capabilities to support power and facility modification, equipment installation, alarm/sensor monitoring and installation, survey, test and characterization and “go-live”.
  • Vehicle fleet and heavy equipment rental at reasonable costs