Facility Modernization

By Light has in-house specialists in the areas of AC/DC Power Systems and Distribution, HVAC design and implementation, Uninterruptible Power Systems , Fire Suppression Systems and many more disciples required to ensure your supporting infrastructure is robust and ready to handle an expanded optical roll out. By Light uses a comprehensive facilities checklist to ensure all requirements are captured.  Our Facility Readiness Review provides a comprehensive look at facility readiness and includes recommended changes where issues are discovered during the survey process.

Our checklist ensures:

  • Heating, Ventilation and AC capabilities are capable of supporting requisite equipment
  • Fire suppression and detection (flood, smoke, humidity etc) are up to local standards, best industry practices and Telcordia GR-474-CORE requirements.
  • Power availability meets current and potential future needs and the current distribution system (breakers, PDUs) have sufficient capacity
  • Rack space, overhead and underfloor duct space is sufficient for the new equipment