Network Design

Our skilled engineers have the experience, tools, labs, and equipment to deliver a complete design that meets all of the technical requirements at the lowest possible cost. Leverage our expertise to create a comprehensive design solution that achieves your objectives. Our consultants apply lessons learned from past implementations and apply industry best practices. We develop a complete Engineering Design Package (EDP) with no stone left unturned.

By Light’s EDP includes:

  • Facility layout (top-down), equipment layouts (rack level) and physical connections (wire diagrams with connector specific detail)
  • Detailed configurations for each network element
  • Naming conventions for remote sites (including keyed discreet conventions for sensitive sites)
  • End-To-End Circuit Diagrams
  • IP/MPLS addressing scheme (IP v4 and/or IP v6)
  • Application Layer Design and Information Flows
  • System installation and equipment requirements
  • Facility Requirements
  • Port listings with protocol and traffic engineering details, as well as design criteria.
  • Patch Fields with designators