Network Management

Network Management in a multi-vendor, multi-technology optical cloud is among the most challenging issues faced by Network Operations personnel.  By Light optical engineers are well versed in right sizing a management platform that solves this problem.  Whether you have 5 devices in a campus and even fewer channels or you have 5000 network elements and 80 wavelengths per fiber or anything in between, we can design, install and train your staff to effectively and efficiently manage the infrastructure and the applications and information that flow over it.

Our network management solutions deliver:

  • End-to-end management of traditional transport networks and packet-optical transport networks
  • Capacity and quality of service (QoS) required to deliver today’s multimedia content-based services and high-bandwidth applications.
  • Management of all fault, configuration, performance, access and security information
  • Advanced features like efficient VT1.5 grooming and  A-to-Z circuit provisioning complete with wizards and self-correction of dead ends
  • Comprehensive ITIL compliant Configuration, Capacity and Change Management
  • Advanced boilerplate and ad-hoc reporting tools for analysis and trending
  • Simple, intuitive user interfaces that lower the learning curve for new operations personnel
  • Redundant server architectures that scale from the desktop to the Data Center