Program Management

By Light has a comprehensive approach to project management based on the industry’s best practice standards. We minimize your risk by leveraging domain knowledge, cross-functional skills, and our program management discipline, while maximizing IT performance to ensure your projects are delivered on budget and on time.

The keys to our success are based on our proven ability to meet each project with clearly defined goals and roles, accurately-applied resources, and aligning IT solutions with the mission and existing environment. The By Light Program Management team utilizes best practices from industry-leading standards such as PMP, ITIL, and ISO 9001:2008 and a suite of tools and resources to ensure optimized scheduling, resource allocation, and cost management and reporting.

This program management approach enables By Light to provide innovative solutions for programs that identify and respond to risks, achieve maximum agility and flexibility, meet program milestones on time, deliver cost savings, and provide a transparency for evaluating performance.

By Light Optimized Program Management Tools
Tool Description
Task Order Processing System (TOPS) By Light’s Task Order Processing System (TOPS) is used to coordinate and streamline the entire TO process, from opportunity to final deliverables and closeout. TOPS provides a disciplined and efficient process to respond to and execute Task Orders. The ability to effectively harness By Light’s tremendous capabilities is made easier through the deliberate and consistent use of TOPS by our PMO and technical staff. A streamlined portal-based system promotes communication among team members and provides secure document control, sharing and task monitoring. By Light’s Task Order Processing System will be used to streamline the contract management, requirements and TO process, from RFP to final deliverables and closeout.
Earned Value Management System (EVMS) We employ our formally validated and accepted EVM system, Deltek’s MPM, on cost or incentive contracts and agreements valued at more than $20 million in accordance with current Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clauses 252.242-7005 and 252.252-7006. Our EVMS is integrated with the 10 basic project management building blocks of 1) organizing, 2) authorizing, 3) scheduling, 4) budgeting, 5) cost accumulation, 6) performance measurement, 7) variance analysis, 8) change management, 9) internal audit, and 10) performance analysis, DOD reviews and reports. We organize work in accordance with requirements established by the TO PWS/SOW using a WBS framework, integrated project team (IPT) approach, and task responsibilities tracked to a control account via a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM).
Contract Performance Portal Our Contract Performance Portal leverages best practices and proven concepts implemented in other contracts of similar scope. The Contract Performance Portal also includes the Tracking, Conferencing and Team Member reporting system, and the Deliverables Auditing Tool, allowing workgroups to collaborate and managers to accurately and in real time track progress towards deliverables, success against metrics and to evaluate historical trends against a variety of configurable data elements.
ISO-9001 Quality Management System The By Light corporate-level ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS) ensures that we meet all contractual performance commitments and includes monthly and yearly quality surveillance checks designed to validate complete client satisfaction throughout the execution of every task order.
Microsoft Access Data Repository Our corporate-level supporting databases/repositories store, document, and report applicable contract data for use by both contractor and government managers. Our repositories are protected with strict security and back-up protocols to ensure secure safe-keeping of all contract data.

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