Systems Engineering Process

Applying the Systems Development Life Cycle phases and utilizing the ITIL Framework, we develop systems engineering solutions that fit in your existing architecture and use the technology that best fits your requirements.

By Light’s Systems Engineering approach:

  • Conduct requirements gathering process, which includes developing an as-is architecture, analyzing existing system documentation, and conducting stakeholder interviews to determine requirements and constraints to create the functional requirements document
  • Perform Analysis of Alternatives outlining a set of options for meeting the requirements, including short-term, mid-term, and long-term options for customers with budget constraints
  • Develop project plan, a living document, outlining activities and timelines for completion of each phase of the project that enables the project manager to ensure the project objectives meet the time, cost, and performance levels
  • Define the functional architecture, including system configuration, internal and external interfaces, system elements, and product solutions
  • Develop design documentation, implementation plans, system test plans, regression test plans, user acceptance test plans, and performance test plans