GVF Courses

By Light is among the very few providers of approved to deliver training and certify operators on GVF course material.  Numerous certifications from basic to advanced are offered.  provides a solid, fundamentals-based training program for VSAT and broadband satellite terminal installers. It is endorsed and recommended by the major satellite operators. GVF training is delivered with a highly-effective blend of simulator-driven, interactive, self-paced online knowledge training, verification of hands-on skills, and optional supplementary classes.

GVF offers three levels of certification:

  • GVF Basic VSAT Installation Certification. Basic skills that all VSAT installers must have to help prevent interference. Requires completion of online course GVF510 and the formal GVF Hands On Skills Test.
  • GVF Advanced VSAT Installation and Maintenance Certification. Knowledge and theory for all expert VSAT field technicians. Requires completion of online courses GVF510, GVF520, GVF521, and the formal GVF Hands On Skills Test.
  • GVF Speciality Certifications. Requires GVF Advanced Certification plus completion of one of the online specialty courses, such as iDirect (course GVF503i), Hughes (course GVF503H), or Gilat (course GVF503G).

Students who complete the requirements for Advanced and Specialty certifications may be listed in the public database at www.gvf.org, which is an excellent resource for service providers seeking qualified field technicians.