Training Development

By Light’s Training Development process focuses on several key elements.  These elements include:

  • Assigning the right Training Developer for the type of training required
  • Creating effective training
  • Creating Repeatable/Reusable training

Each of these key elements is described below.

Trainers and Training Developers

Training Development starts with determining the course delivery mechanism and assigning the right person and media development support team to the project. Instructor-led, theory-based classroom training and course development differs significantly from on-the-job training which in turn differs greatly from computer-based and other multimedia focused training.  The same person isn’t necessarily the right person for all of these types of training.
For instructor-led course development, we focus on themes and interactive discussions and practical demonstration to both involve students and to ensure the material is absorbed. For multimedia-based courses, the emphasis is on repetition and training loops where applicable information from past training sections are reintroduced  in context. This approach maximizes retention and optimizes content delivery. For OJT, you need flexible course material based on how students do their jobs.  Minimizing theory and maximizing practical application on real equipment can be the most effective training your personnel receive.