Wireless Communication

Improve flexibility and productivity, optimize work environments and streamline operations with enterprise-wide secure network access.

By Light has delivered hundreds of successful wireless implementations, consisting of more 10,000+ Access Points for DoD and Federal Agencies, including US Army, US Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Energy, and a variety of First Responder Organizations. We leverage proven design methodologies tailored to each customer’s specific needs and Information assurance requirements to deliver robust wireless solutions that are:

  • Compliant with Common Criteria Certification, FIPS 140-2 Validation and DoD directives 8100.2 and 8420.1 compliance.
  • Secured using network access control and line-rate cryptography.
  • Capable of delivering the same capabilities whether individual users are deployed, outdoors, in remote offices or working from home.
  • Compatible with existing Network Management platforms, easing the challenge of managing the RF and wireless user environments.
  • Among DoD’s largest providers of 802.11 a/b/g/n solutions with numerous successful and accredited mesh implementations.

Proven, Turn Key Approach to Secure Wireless Networks:

By Light’s proven process begins with requirements gathering and site surveys. This phase includes:

  • An assessment of the objectives the network must achieve to be successful.
  • An analysis of the benefits to be achieved and the business rules affected.
  • A thorough Site Survey of Coverage requirements, Tower Placement and Interference Sources with deliverables including Heat Maps, Antenna Placement and Interference Mitigation.

After gathering requirements and objectives and gaining an understanding of the existing infrastructure, By Light performs an exhaustive policy and security analysis including:

  • Analyses of similar implementations and Type Accreditations.
  • Service/Agency specific analyses of applicable policy documents and management guidance.
  • Product certifications and approvals including HEMP, HERO and applicable ordinance and interference requirements.

Once the policy profile has been established, a comprehensive design package is developed. Design criteria include:

  • Specification of IA posture including encryption methods and approaches.
  • Network Infrastructure Type (mesh, etc.).
  • Trade Off Analysis.
  • Terrestrial Integration Points.
  • Power Requirements and Antenna Placement.
  • Throughput and Roaming Performance Maps.
  • Controller Placement and Redundancy.

Designs are reviewed with focus on cost savings, maximizing use of existing equipment and life cycle supportability. Once a customer approved decision has been made, the installation process can begin. By Light provides certified, world-class installation support on all major wireless vendor hardware/software providers, complete antenna, network and electrical cabling all to BICSI/Telcordia standards. Installation also includes:

  • Complete to-be and as-built network diagrams and documentation.
  • Controller installation, configuration, and commissioning.
  • Intrusion detection, authentication, and IA system installation and cutover.
  • As-Built Heat Maps and Signal Strength Diagrams.
  • Client software/hardware installation and integration.

After completing the wireless installation, connectivity is established (if applicable) to the existing terrestrial or other backhaul network (SATCOM, WI-MAX etc). This step includes connection approval and cutover into the existing base or facility network at approved connection points.

Once the network is operational, By Light executes a comprehensive, site specific Quality Assurance and Test and Acceptance Plan. This test plan provides the customer a hands-on demonstration of the network’s capabilities and includes:

  • Performance Measurements for every Access Point.
  • Application testing to ensure all applications function normally over the wireless infrastructure.
  • Test and Measurement of Wireless to Wired and Wired to Wireless Performance.
  • Comprehensive Roaming and Mobile Device Testing.

Once accepted, the final configuration is updated and the appropriate accreditation package submitted to the approval authority. Our support ranges from support of package development to complete turn-key document preparation. Our engineers and wireless specialists will also attend meetings with local IA personnel to ensure the accreditation process runs smoothly.

Prior to final operations, By Light wireless network management specialists will assist your staff in standing up additional wireless specific modules for existing network management systems or installing dedicated multi or single vendor wireless management solutions.

By Light also provides a full range of standard vendor and customized training courses to ensure your staff can effectively operate the new infrastructure. By Light can also provide 24/7 on-site or remote troubleshooting and ad-hoc maintenance support depending on your needs.