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Delivering Mission Readiness through Excellence in Engineering

Training value is directly related to high fidelity and fully immersive experiences. Realism is vital to maximizing mission readiness.

Veraxx was launched in 1999 to develop and deliver high-fidelity, immersive, realistic solutions for flight training. Our software development, systems engineering, integration and design teams create solutions that generate advanced skills for military pilots and aircrews. Our solutions have evolved significantly since our inception — most notably our multi-entity networked tactical training solutions, providing realistic, immersive ISR synthetic training environments.

Veraxx’s core team of engineers and technologists respond quickly to every requirement and projects of any size. We partner with other industry leaders to integrate complete solutions that address the most pressing training challenges. It’s this agility and ingenuity that enable us to compete successfully for the most challenging and important contracts for the U.S. military and its allies.

Veraxx’s knowledge of what works, combined with our hard-earned reputation for delivering on time and within budget, ensures that your solution meets the most stringent specifications, outperforms expectations — and maximizes mission readiness.


Realistic training is essential to ensure skills become second nature. Training systems that don’t provide an authentic and fully immersive experience not only impact the quality of instruction — they jeopardize readiness.

What’s needed are high-fidelity solutions that not only meet specifications, but enable pilots to effectively accomplish mission critical training tasks on the ground — so they are fully-prepared to meet the challenges in the air.


Whether it’s a motion-based Full Flight Simulator (FFS) that’s as close to being airborne as possible, or desktop devices that hone decision-making skills, fidelity is critical. Yet, all too often, flight training systems fail to reach fidelity goals.

Veraxx engineers solutions that enable pilots, aircrews and instructors to maximize training time and resources. Realism, whether delivered in a desktop system or a fully-immersive cockpit trainer, ensures that training scenarios and skills development are as close to actual flight conditions as possible — at substantially less cost than flight time.

Veraxx solutions have become the standard for military flight training. All are designed with one principle in mind: maximizing mission readiness





For the DoD, “train as you fight” means ensuring readiness and providing required skills to complete the mission. Veraxx simulation and training solutions enable a large majority of mission essential training tasks to be completed realistically and highly effectively at a fraction of the cost of flight hours. This high level of realism is a direct result of our large scale systems engineering and integration capabilities, providing engineered solutions with the latest technology — on-time, within budget and meeting specification requirements.

Realistic training requires pilots, aircrews and mission personnel to effectively interact with multiple entities at the same time, all within a common environment. At Veraxx, employing and integrating complex datasets within networked, high-fidelity training systems is a core engineering strength.

Using our comprehensive ISR training environments, teams working across platforms — from a fully-immersive flight simulator to a laptop PC — can complete mission-essential training tasks on the ground. The result? Safer, more efficient, less costly training that translates to real-world proficiency and maximizes mission readiness.

Veraxx’s large scale Systems Engineering & Integration capabilities ensure that systems are designed to meet the most stringent requirements; achieve all targets for performance, cost and time-to-delivery; and enhance safety and proficiency.

Encompassing multiple engineering specialities, Veraxx solutions are designed to deliver optimized capabilities for specified training requirements, including the ability to easily refresh technology, expand mission training capabilities and ensure training solutions are concurrent with evolving aircraft configurations.

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