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Flight time is crucial to developing a pilot’s skill, turning reactions into reflexes and ensuring the safety of the aircraft and all onboard. But there is rarely enough flight time available to train every pilot exclusively in an actual aircraft, whether for basic flight skills or for multi-entity, networked tactical mission tasks. That’s why training needs to reflect the range of systems and situations that could be encountered, even as requirements and technologies evolve. Platforms with limited fidelity can hinder these efforts. Pilots need training solutions that deliver a true-to-life experience to enhance their proficiency at all levels and increase their confidence, through realistic networked scenarios in immersive, synthetic tactical environments.

That’s the Veraxx difference. We design, develop and integrate high-fidelity systems that create a realistic training environment enabling complex networked mission tasks to be accomplished. And, we do so on time, on schedule and with the required system performance. The entire training journey is supported, from Part Task Trainers (PTTs), to Flight Training Devices (FTDs) and Containerized Flight Training Devices (CFTDs), all the way to motion-based Full Flight Simulators (FFS) that ultimately provide aircraft-like, fully immersive training.

Our training systems can be implemented within a large building or containerized for outside placement and relocation flexibility, while retaining the capability to network and train collectively in fully integrated tactical environments.

Veraxx’s solutions are unparalleled in their realism, making them the training systems of choice for the most demanding organizations across the DoD, our Allies and for aircraft OEMs.

Part Task Trainer (PTT)

Desktop or stand alone devices focused on training specific flight operational or maintenance tasks effectively and efficiently without the need for full-fidelity simulators.

Example training tasks include cockpit procedures, emergency procedures, maintenance procedures, threat scenario recognition, and recorded debriefing capability.

PTTs provide progressive skill enhancements for students at much lower costs than full fidelity simulators or actual aircraft.

Flight Training Device (FTD)

Includes aircraft instruments, equipment, panels, and controls in an enclosed aircraft flight deck replica.

Full range of capabilities of the systems installed in the device.

All controls & systems modeled / vibration system / visual system.

Containerized Flight Training Devices (CFTD)

FTD inside a very robust and specific container.

Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

Replica of a specific type/model/series aircraft.

Includes the equipment necessary to represent aircraft operations in ground and flight conditions.

6-degree-of-freedom motion / night, dusk & day visuals / dynamic control loading / highest fidelity.

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