St. Pete cybersecurity startup launches, raises $5M Series A


July 13, 2021

A St. Petersburg-based cybersecurity company has spent the last three years testing its technology and is now ready to unveil its platform — along with a solid funding announcement. Code-X is the data security company that simplifies how organizations protect the world’s most sensitive information and systems. Powered by proprietary lattice-based technology, Code-X delivers the industry’s first system and device-friendly platform that applies impermeable security from the moment of data creation throughout its entire life cycle.

With the public launch of the brand comes the announcement that Code-X recently closed a $5 million Series A round, led by Virginia-based By Light Professional IT Services LLC with participation from Boca Raton-based fama Ventures. The funding will be used for sales and marketing efforts.

Read the full article at Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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