By Light’s CyberCENTS® division is focused on producing the most comprehensive and current cyber training using proprietary technologies that deliver users a “true to life” training experience.


Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®)

An integrated, Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) cyber range environment that permits closed network engagements or use of a VPN for engagements with multiple interconnected environments. The emulated operational environment interacts with the virtualized and physical elements of the system providing true-life system response. Each cyber range environment is self-contained and requires no Internet connectivity, and all IP addresses and websites URLs resolve in the cyber range’s DNS. All virtualized Internet IP space uses real-world geo-IP addresses, and the cyber scenarios execute in automatic or manual mode.

CENTS is the backbone of the Air Force Virtual Interconnected Training Environment (VITE)

Sentinel, Legion, AutoBuild, Myrmidon, Reconstitution (SLAM-R®)

The SLAM-R© appliance is the range automation engine that brings fidelity and realism to a cyberspace training and exercise range environment. SLAM-R® is controlled/operated through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide the following capabilities to each CENTS® platform: Scenario Builder and Execution Panel; Virtual Machine Device Control; Network/Event Monitoring; Out-of-Band Management; Traffic Configuration Manager; Traffic Visualization; Snapshot & Restore Control; and Attack Configuration Framework.

CENTS/SLAM-R technologies are deeply integrated into the joint range of U.S. Cyber Command’s (USCYBERCOM) Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)

Enhanced CyberCENTS® Features

Learning Management System (LMS)

An adaptive, immersive, and gamified learning experience. The LMS facilitates educational, workforce development, and certification training goals. LMS access is through a web portal single-pane dashboard for student interaction with course content and instructors/peers through collaboration tools to aid in course delivery. Used on-site or online for instructor-driven and standalone coursework with practical lab application. Facilitates educational, workforce development, and certification training goals.

CyberCENTS Course Catalog


A Global Traffic Tracker that provides real-time visualization of communication flows in cyberspace. It displays geo-located IP address tracks for each global source/destination pair. Users can move and rotate the map on both the X- and Y-axis, and zoom in/out, allowing the user to focus on specific traffic. Traffic can be paused and replayed for offline analysis or review. Protocol filtering is also available to isolate specific traffic flows.


Traffic generation and user emulation for building varied, complex, and random RFC-compliant network traffic. Emulated users conduct routine network activities that generate traffic from a pre-defined protocol library with a user configurable rate, frequency, and jitter profile.


Threat emulation scenario designer, attack library, and sequencer. This includes an attack library of individual attacks, insider threats, and the complete Metasploit framework. Our scenarios-authoring tool sequences an attack based on adversary TTPs and executes through either pre-programmed mode (defined timeline for each event) or on-demand mode (manually started).


A high-fidelity emulation of core Internet services that adds realism to the training environment, giving the look and feel of being connected to the Internet. Services include Routing, DNS, NTP, PKI, Whois, Websites, Webmail, IRC, Pastebin, Tor, Redirectors, Social Media, and File Sharing. Grey space federates and/or interconnects cyber training, experimentation, and exercise environments by providing network transport and connectivity.

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