Cybersecurity’s constantly evolving nature demands that businesses today place their cyber posture and resiliency at the forefront of operations.

EmberSecTM, a division of By Light, offers services and solutions designed to assess and defend your enterprise. From vulnerability discovery to risk management and mitigation, our team comprises senior security researchers, operators, and intelligence professionals. We deliver technical, managed, and compliance services to validate existing security controls, measure ability to detect threats, identify key areas for improvement, and ultimately raise the cost to cyber adversaries via cutting-edge methodologies and risk prioritization.


  • Provider of advanced technical cybersecurity services and solutions
  • Comprised of senior security researchers, operators, and intelligence professionals
  • Domain specialization includes:
    • Technical
    • Managed
    • Compliance
  • Accredited 3rd Party Assessor Organization (3PAO) for HITRUST
  • Supports all phases of initial/interim HITRUST certification process
  • Exclusive Partner Program
  • Connects our partners with a network of leaders, tools, and resources

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Program

  • Executive-level security expertise to support and mature an organization’s security program
  • Maturation of Existing Programs
  • Developing & Leading Incident Response Efforts
  • Board Level Coalition Building
  • Security Program Development & Management

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