Mission Reconfigurable™: Military Training System

MRTM Simulation Platform

By Light’s Port Orange, FL, operation (formerly Raydon Corporation), specializes in developing complete military simulation training, products, and solutions. Since 1988, we have been blending commercial technology with the science of human performance to develop training systems for warfighters.  

Our products are built from an open standards hardware/software architecture we call “Mission Reconfigurable” or MR. This modular, open-systems architecture allows us to use the same base technology to develop almost any training system, especially those that feature a significant human-machine interface. Our MR training solutions range from individual standalone devices to complex multi-systems networked together to create collective simulation environments.

Our capabilities include Product Life Cycle Management — concept, engineering design, integration, manufacture, deployment, and sustainment. 

 We offer support services to industry in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. 

MRTM Products

The Mission Reconfigurable Simulation Platform is designed to adapt to any military training requirement. It can flex in fidelity from handheld to portable to trailerized to institutional. It can support training from individual to mission rehearsal. It can be configured to train crews operating ground vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, or construction equipment.  

RVCT (Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer) 

We support of the U.S. Army’s STE Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) program with our Mission Reconfigurable Open Systems Architecture. This highly innovative point-of-need version of MR features tool-less setup where kit components (dashboards, weapon controls, steering wheels, pedals, etc.) are hand-guided and locked into place with minimal force. Users can switch from full-crew Abrams to a Bradley, Stryker, or Apache helicopter configuration in less than 30 minutes each. The design allows these systems to operate on any company’s properly configured software – a true open systems innovation.

Vocational Recruiter Systems

Utilizing the portable packaging concept from UGT and RVCT, we have developed a series of interactive recruiting kiosks that challenge potential recruits to demonstrate skills in targeted Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) or Ratings.


VCOT (Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer)

An early iteration of Mission Reconfigurable, the Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT) was first fielded in 2004 and deployed to all 50 states and four territories. It is currently in its fifth major refresh with the National Guard and still going strong. It is a trailerized platoon trainer, interoperable up to company level. VCOT features high-fidelity weapons, exercises developed to meet the Army’s gunnery standards, and the ability to train both maneuver and gunnery together.

UGT (Unstabilized Gunnery Trainer)

The Unstabilized Gunnery Trainer–Individual (UGT-I) combines simulated weapons, a batting-cage approach to gunnery training, and a unique adaptive learning curriculum to give Gunners extra trigger pulls prior to crew training. Stored and transported in rugged, ready-to-ship cases, the UGT-I allows soldiers to take the most versatile and up-to-date MMG training wherever they need it. ​

The UGT-Crew (UGT-C), sometimes called VCOT in a box, is a portable trainer that adds training stations for the driver and commander to the UGT-I gunner position. ​

MR Capabilities & Solutions

Systems Integration

  • Requirements & Data Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Design/Development
  • Hardware/Software Integration
  • Scalable Manufacturing
  • Logistics – Fielding, Training & Support
  • Customer Focus


  • SimCore GT
  • Simulated Weapons
  • Simulated Fire Controls
  • Simulated Radio Solution
  • HAPI (Hardware Application Programming Interface)
  • Haptics (force feedback controls, motion systems)
  • Visuals (VR, AR, VR, MR, direct displays, projection systems)


  • Ground Vehicles – Combat Convoy, Route Clearance, Mission Rehearsal, Construction​
  • Aviation Training – Collective, Non-rated Crew Training, Mission Rehearsal
  • Stabilized and Unstabilized Gunnery – Individual, Crew, Section, Platoon​
  • Compressed Curriculum
  • Adaptive Training

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